Tips for Creative Writing

Creative Writing Tips.

  • Establish a credible setting: use evidence, quote physical and emotional spaces. Use similes and metaphors to extend your description.
  • Think about structure: Where is the end point of the story? What are the series of events, complications and climax that shape the structure?
  • Who is the protagonist? Is there an antagonist?
  • Play with your sentence structure. Try short/long sentences – look for effect.
  • Play with imagery/patterns of imagery/symbolism.
  • Use figurative language sparingly but do not be clichéd.
  • Go for the simple language/ simple sentences. Cut the adjectives and see the effect.
  • Go for atmosphere – try and create a relaxed or tense mood. Think about pathetic fallacy.
  • Give a credible ending – open ended/cliff hanger or tying up loose ends.
  • Where is the climax? Is there a denouement?
  • Is there symbolism inherent within the text? Repeated motif.
  • Can you make any allusions to classical/popular culture?
  • Is there a postscript?
  • Do minor characters play a part?