Online Tutoring is Here

Online Tutoring is Here

Online Interactive Tutoring

March 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

We are living in uncertain times. As most schools are setup for internet learning, it is highly probable that exams, assignments and study will continue. In response, Smart Moves is adopting the option of remote tutoring alongside our traditional in-person lessons.

Know that we are taking the utmost care to be as hygienically cautious as possible; the health and safety of our staff AND students is of utmost importance to us. We are sanitising all surfaces daily, providing hand gel, practising social distancing and have informational signage on the prevention of spreading germs. If your child is experiencing any symptoms, please do practice social isolation and opt for online virtual tutoring. This optional online tutoring provides:

  • Private one-on-one tutoring;
  • Supervised continuation of studies; and
  • A safe environment.

Rest assured, the only difference from our current in-person tutoring is the mode of delivery. You will still have:

  • The same tutor;
  • The same start time; 
  • The same lesson length; and
  • The same quality of tutoring.

Note: Online Virtual lessons require more tutor preparation and student pre-disclosure. Ideally there will also be light follow-up homework which our staff will help to organise with your student.

We hope to continue supporting our community and look forward to the further academic guidance of your child. If you have any questions or queries, please redirect to reception or myself on (02) 9416 4222.

Kind regards,


Virtual Tutoring



Q: What website are we using?
A: We are using Click the button below to access the website.

Q: What is GoBoard?
A: GoBoard is the first-of-its-kind, free online tutoring tool that combines video conferencing with an interactive canvas. 

Q: Why use GoBoard for tutoring?
A: GoBoard combines video conferencing, an interactive canvas, and educational tools like a graphing calculator, an equation editor, Wolfram Alpha integration, LaTeX support, and much more. In addition, there is a reference library with subject-specific tools, including maths, physics, chemistry, business, and more.

Q: How does it work?
A: The tutor just sends a link that the student clicks on to enter the “GoBoard” room where they will meet at the time of the tutoring session. 

Q: Will I have to download anything?
A: Students simply need to have a webcam and a microphone to use GoBoard to it’s full capacity; there’s no software to download or install. (Works on PC & Mac with Google Chrome (recommended browser) or Mozilla Firefox; GoBoard also has an iPad app that’s great to use with the Apple Pencil!).

Q: What is the best hardware/software to use?
A: GoBoard works best with an iPad and the Apple pen, and the GoBoard App.

Q: What if I need technical help?
A: A technical person will always be on hand to help you with any difficulty.