HSC Practice Exams!

HSC Practise Exams

Our HSC Practice exams are about an EXAM, RESULT and CONSULT!

All year, Smart Moves Coaching has strongly advocated and communicated practicing past HSC papers. Getting used to the style and variety of questions will help greatly. Meanwhile our tutors(as model students themselves have already sat these past papers) have been helping students from a variety of schools, located in the North Shore, and have picked up new challenging questions. Now is the time of their revenge! They will recycle all these questions and formulate an original EXAM paper for your expert student to sit. After submission, you will receive written feedback with a marked RESULT. But we usually do not find this enough and sometimes the feedback does not correctly express our intentions so we also book a CONSULT to help action and solidify suggested improvements! 

HSC Practice Exams Available

  • Standard English Paper 1 
  • Standard English Paper 2
  • Advanced English Paper 1
  • Advanced English Paper 2
  • Extension English 1
  • 2 Unit Mathematics Standard
  • 2 Unit Mathematics Advanced
  • Extension Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Modern History
  • Ancient History

NB: exams not listed may be available upon request.

When & Where

COVID19 friendly: Nominate whether you would prefer to sit this exam in your own home or recreate exam conditions in person in our office.

  • Sit at home (Exams will be emailed and will need to be returned promptly) a further remote session will be booked for follow-up
  • Recreated Exam Room: Exams are held in our offices at 1pm from Thursday 28/10 until Wednesday 3/11 only. 
  • All supervised exam sessions start at 1pm at Level 1, 43 Hill Street, Roseville NSW 2069.
  • Exams must be by appointment only.
  • All exam materials, pens, paper and light refreshments are provided.
  • You are allowed to bring any approved personal HSC exam equipment .
  • Advise reception of availability ASAP, so we can book your complimentary feedback lesson in a timely manner.


$90 for each exam includes an EXAM, RESULT and a CONSULT:

  • Original exam
  • Either conveniently from your own home or sit a Supervised Exam under exam conditions, in our office.
  • Marked exam paper and Results with written Feedback!
  • Complimentary 1 hour Consultation with an experienced tutor on how to improve!

Note:English is divided into 2 parts i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2, differentiated either by Advanced or Standard – as per the current HSC arrangement.


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