Frequently Asked Questions


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1How does the NSW Creative kids voucher work?
1/ Visit and apply for a voucher at NSW Creative Kids Voucher Application

2/ Supply Smart Moves with the voucher code and your student's date of birth.

3/ Receive a further $100 off your tutoring fees *Conditions apply below. Conditions: Eligible for Creative Study Skills and English or Creative Writing lessons. Can only be used with our Pre pay 10 plan (either $400 Primary English classes or English $800 Pre Pay 10 plan)
2Who is Smart Moves?
Smart Moves is an experienced company comprised of dynamic individuals whose goal is to bring back the joy of learning. We closely follow a student’s school curriculum, but retain his or her individual learning style. Utilising local tutors to help local students has been core to our strength in growing our tutoring community over the past 13 years.
3Can you come to my home?
No. We have found from experience a student who requires help, may have developed "habits". And the sooner we remove them from their comfortable surrounds and conventions the better! All of our bare clean desks come fully equipped with a pen and a pad of paper and minimal distractions. We believe this to be a perfect environment to encourage creativity and critical thinking!
4What happens in a lesson?
Australia has mostly standardised on a national curriculum. So all our tutors are very familiar with the Syllabus and Rubric appropriate to the year level of the student. Via the one-on-one process we obtain a lot of information on our students strengths and weaknesses (sometimes more than at home or from teachers). So we will default to what skills the student would like to master (of course with our knowledgeable guidance and the confines of their course agendas)
5What if I have more than one topic my student needs help with?
When we are picking a suitable tutor for your student, we sometimes notice overlaps? Whether their favourite topics are all based in the humanity stream(s) or they just enjoy dancing, there is a good chance the pair have similarities in values AND/OR subject choice(s). So in their sessions they are free to discuss other 'friendly' subjects and topics as long as the tutor feels confident in that topic (please always ask our friendly reception as sometimes your student may require a more specialised knowledge). We believe learning should be infectious.
6What if it is not a good fit with the tutor?
It is hard to know any student intimately. At Smart Moves, we believe we have to get it right. As a student, If you are committed to coming in, then you want to be sitting across from someone who will help. Please talk to our front desk about getting the right person. Note: all students are individuals and have different levels, availabilities and skills. To meet your expectations, please let us know any goals or desires, so we can discuss how we can achieve them together.
7Can I talk to the tutor to give or get feedback?
Yes of course! We strongly encourage feedback and reassessments as with the limited time we see students we want the best of them too. Please make time to come in earlier to pick them up or stay after dropping off and have a friendly chat with your tutor - we'd love to hear a bit more of their story. If you can not make it, not to worry we can setup a quick phone call at your convenience.
8Can I stop and start my lessons anytime?
Our "pay -as-you-go" options are great when you need to attend those all important co-curricular activities or take a break in the holidays. Some of our students just get a second opinion before an assignment/exam whilst others feel more comfortable with a more regular appointment time to improve at their own pace. Please understand: as a courtesy to your assigned tutor, a 12 hour cancellation notice is required.
9How much does it cost?

We take private one-on-one tutoring very seriously, vetting and training a tutor who is WWCC* certified is an intricate and involved process. With this in mind, our lessons are $90 per hour - to be paid on the day of the lesson.

Discount PREPAID packages are available if paying in advance, please contact us for more information.

Not sure if One-on-One is right for your child? Click here for information on our Primary Group Classes.

* Working With Children Checked

10I have already finished school - can I get help too?
We have every confidence in our tutors, as they are representative of a model student. This usually spills over to their university studies and hence have already most likely successfully completed your course! So ask reception today to see if you need an odd lesson or so, to "brush up" for that upcoming assignment or test.
11What if I need to cancel a lesson/appointment?
We understand that your time is important, and that unexpected events may require you to cancel an appointment. Please understand that our tutors’ time is also important and request that you provide us ample notice regarding any cancellations. Please note that any cancellations made less than 12 HOURS before your next appointment will incur a FULL FEE PAYMENT.
  • 28 Jan until 9 Apr Term 1 (Public Schools)

  • 12 Mar Selective High School Placement Test

  • 10 Apr until 12 Apr Easter Holidays

    Enjoy the extra long weekend!
  • 27 Apr until 3 Jul Term 2 (Public Schools)

  • 12 May until 14 May Naplan Test (Years 3, 5, 7, 9)

  • 8 JuneQueen's Birthday

    Happy Birthday! (enjoy the Public Holiday)
  • End Of Term 2 Half - Yearly Exams For Most Schools

  • July HSC Trials (Abbotsleigh)

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  • 29 Jul Opportunity Class Placement Test

  • 20 Jul Until 25 Sept Term 3 (Public Schools)

  • 21 Aug Until 5 Sep HSC Trials (Knox Grammar)

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  • Early Term 3 HSC Trials (Killara High)

    Visit Killara High's Website
  • 5 Aug Until 12 Aug HSC Trials (St Pius X)

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  • Early Term 3 HSC Trials (Roseville Girls)

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  • 3 August Until 16 August HSC Trials (Mercy College)

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  • Term 3, Week 3-5 HSC Trials (Chatswood High)

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  • 12 Oct Until 18 Dec Term 4 (Public Schools)

    Year 11's morph into Year 12's and officially start their HSC campaign!
  • 15 Oct until 6 Nov HSC Written Exams

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  • Early Term 4 FInal Exams For Most Schools

    For all other years (excluding HSC students)

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