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As the result of COVID-19, Smart Moves has to advance and adapt to the situation. Consequently, we have developed a new English learning program online, subsequently this will help you learn from an Online English Tutor directly to your home safely. After that our Online English Tutors use degrees and all have scored at the top of their year in the English department. This makes them reliable English tutors. But most of our English tutors only accept year 12 students. However, some online English tutors are willing to help your primary school children who need English tutoring. This means our Online English tutors are ready to help with questions that can even be sent to you instantly online.

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Students are usually gain a strong bond with the teaching method of our Private one-on-one Online English Tutors. During which they usually become very good friends and another face in the crowd you or your child might recognise. Subsequently it also might let them relieve some stress as they get to see the same English tutor every week to learn under. After that it means another familiar English tutor to teach you every week. Most of our students benefit from us, gotten an ATAR of 90% after seeing our Online English tutors. With our new online English tutoring service, we are able to provide English tutors online that are convenient. If your struggling with online learning and the HSC is coming. Then online English tutors can help and stay in the top 10% of this year. Also, there is a lot of flexibility when doing English tutoring online. Because this is the wrong way of thinking, as it can be done anywhere and at any time.

What You Can Do

If you are new, there are plenty of English tutors who are ready to teach and be your English tutor. Choose from these include, High HSC marks, University degrees and availability to take students. Firstly, another new online English tutor could sometimes be a challenge due to confidence issues. Secondly, we will try to fix the discomfort and avoid problems between the student and English tutor. Thirdly, if you do not like the current English tutor you have. Moreover, you have options to be aware of that you could go and learn with a different English tutor. In addition, if you are feeling unsure or unsteady with your current English tutor. Therefore, enjoy private one-on-one Online English tutor, from Smart Moves Coaching.

Where can I find an HSC English Tutor for Online English Tutoring?

Our HSC English Tutor for Online English tutoring can be found in Roseville near Chatswood. Chatswood and Roseville are quiet and leafy suburbs located in Sydney North Shore. Close to the Chatswood and Roseville local shops are the following schools:

Chatswood High School,
Chatswood Public School,
St Pius X college,
Mercy Catholic College Chatswood,
Roseville Girls High school and
Roseville Public school.

HSC English Tutor for Online English Tutoring Chatswood

Firstly, Chatswood High School is a partially selective high school in Chatswood, near the Chatswood Railway station. LIkewise, Chatswood Public School and Roseville Public School are both excellent Primary schools in the Chatswood/Roseville area. Similarly, St Pius X (boys), Roseville Girls High School (girls) and Mercy Catholic college (girls) are both independent catholic single sex schools. These schools are famous for its wealth and depth of quality HSC school students. Above all the residents of Chatswood and Roseville should be proud of their schools and importantly their local community in certainly supporting these outstanding students.

HSC English Tutor at Willoughby and the district for Online English Tutoring

For instance, our online English tutors can be found in Roseville near Chatswood. Willoughby is a quiet and leafy suburb located in Sydney North Shore. Close to the Willoughby local shops and the Willoughby main street is
Shore Preparatory School Early Learning centre,
St Thomas Primary School,
Castle Cove Public School,
Willoughby Girls High School and
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School.

Firstly, Shore Preparatory school is a feeder primary school, for example into their Sydney Church of England High School North Sydney. Secondly, St Thomas is a catholic Primary school. Thirdly, Castle Cove Public School, Forthly, Willoughby Girls High school is a public selective single sex girls high school. Further Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner is an an alternative and holistic school. In conclusion, these schools are famous for its wealth and depth of quality Primary and HSC school students. In short, The residents and their local community of Willoughby should be proud of their schools and support of their outstanding students.

The Lindfield area HSC English Tutor for Online English Tutoring

Importantly, Online English tutors can be found in Roseville or near Chatswood. For example Lindfield is a quiet and leafy suburb located in Sydney North Shore. Further, it is close to the Lindfield local shops and the Pacific highway is the Lindfield Public School, Lindfield East Public school, Highfields Preparatory and Kindergarten School , Newington Lindfield K-6 Preparatory School , Reddam house Lindfield and Lindfield learning village. These schools are famous for its wealth and depth of quality Primary and High school students. Lindfield Learning village is a brand new but holistic specialist school. Highfields Preparatory is a specialist school. Newington is a private preparatory school as a feeder into Newington boys high. Reddam house is an independent private preparatory school. Lindfield Public School and Lindfeld East Public Schools are . In short, the residents and the local Lindfield community should be proud of their schools and support of their outstanding students.

Killara Online English Tutoring

For example, our online English tutors can be found in Roseville or near Chatswood. Killara train station is a quiet and leafy suburb located in Sydney North Shore railway line. That is to say they are close to the Killara local shops and the Killara main street. To clarify, these schools are Killara High School, and Killara Public School. Killara High school is a non-selective high school which regularly performs well in the HSC. Killara Public School is a feeder school to Killara High School. These local schools have an abundance of high quality Primary and HSC school students. In Summary, the residents of Killara and its surrounds should be proud of their school and their local Killara community in supporting these outstanding students.

Upper North Shore of Sydney

Many of our online English tutors can be found much further than Roseville (near Chatswood). For instance in the Upper North shore suburbs of Sydney. Gordon, Turramurra, Warrawee, Waitara, Normanhurst, St Ives, Wahroonga and Hornsby are quiet and leafy suburbs located on the Sydney North Shore , local shops, train and bus lines. Many schools have located close to the Gordon, Turramurra, Warrawee, Waitara, Normanhurst, St Ives, Wahroonga and Hornsby local shops. In conclusion, find below a compiled list of these schools that contribute.
Gordon East Public School,
Gordon West Public School,
St Ives High School,
Ravenswood School for Girls,
Pymble Public School,
Pymble Ladies College,
Turramurra Public School,
Turramurra North Public school,
Warrawee Public School,
Abbotsleigh School,
Knox Grammar School,
Barker College,
Waitara Public School,
Wahroonga Public School,
Hornsby High Girls High School,
Hornsby South Public School,
Normanhurst Boys High School,
Normanhurst Public school and
Loreto Normanhurst.

In conclusion, these schools are famous for its wealth and depth of quality Primary and HSC school students. The residents of the Upper North Shore should be proud of their school and their local community in supporting these outstanding students.

HSC English Tutor for Online English Tutoring at the Lower North shore suburbs and Northern beaches of Sydney

Above all, an online English tutors can originate anywhere. There are many schools close to the local shops, railway stations and main streets of Kirribilli, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman, Cremorne, Cammeraygal, Naremburn, Northbrdge, Artarmon, Lane Cove, Killarney Heights, Forestville, Frenchs Forest. In conclusion, the below list illustrates this.
St Aloysius Junior and College,
Loreto Kirribilli,
Cameragal Montessori North Sydney,
SHORE school and Preparatory School,
Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College,
North Sydney Boys High School,
North Sydney Girls High School,
Cammeraygal High School,
Marist College North Sydney,
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School,
Wenona North Sydney,
Neutral Bay Public School,
SCEGGS Redlands,
Mosman Public School,
Mosman High School,
Queenswood School for Girls,
Artarmon Public School,
Lane Cove Public School,
Killarney Heights Public School,
Killarney Heights High School,
Forestville Public School,
Frenchs Forest Public School,
Frenchs Forest High School and
Davidson High School.

Likewise these schools all produce a tremendous depth of quality Primary and HSC school students. In the same vein, the residents and community of these suburbs should be proud of supporting these local outstanding students.

HSC English Tutor for Online English Tutoring

Module A: Experience Through Language

This module explores how our perceptions and relationships with others are shaped in written, spoken and visual language.

Elective 1: Distinctive Voices

Students consider the types and functions of voices in texts, investigating how varied language affects interpretation and shapes meaning. Students will choose one of the following texts as the basis for their further exploration of the elective, Distinctive Voices.

Prose Fiction:

  • Day, Marele: The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender


  • Shaw, George Bernard: Pygmalion


  • Burns, Joanne: On a Clear Day
    • On a Clear Day
    • Public Places
    • Echo
    • Australia
    • Kindling
  • Paterson, A B: The Penguin Banjo Paterson Collected Verse
    • A Bush Christening
    • Clancy of the Overflow
    • Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
    • Saltbush Bill
    • In The Defence of the Bush
    • Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve


  • King, Martin Luther: I Have a Dream
  • Cullis-Suzuki, Severn: Address to the Plenary Session at the Earth Summit Rio Centro, Brazil
  • Kennedy, John F: Inaugural Address
  • Street, Jessie: Is it to be Back to the Kitchen?
  • Spencer, Earl: Eulogy for Princess Diana
  • Gandhi, Indira: True Liberation of Women

Elective 2: Distinctively Visual

Reflects on how forms and language of texts show, or assist us to visualise, images. Visual media is particularly evocative; this elective explores the effect of the visual on the responder.

Prose Fiction:

  • Lawson, Henry: The Penguin Henry Lawson Short Stories
    • The Drover’s Wife
    • In a Dry Season
    • The Loaded Dog
    • Joe Wilson’s Courtship
  • Goldsworthy, Peter: Maestro


  • Misto, John: The Shoe-horn Sonata


  • Stewart, Douglas: Selected Poems
    • Lady Feeding the Cats
    • Wombat
    • The Snow-Gum
    • Nesting Time
    • The Moths
    • The Fireflies
    • Waterlily
    • Cave Painting

Film or Media:

  • Tykwer, Tom: Run Lola Run
  • Cox, Deb: Seachange
    • Playing With Fire
    • Not Such Great Expectations
    • Manna From Heaven
    • Law and Order

Module B: Close Study of Text

This module asks students to analyse how an author’s judicious and deliberate choice of language, writing conventions and ideas provoke an emotional response from the audience. They must be able to effectively write a variety of text types on their prescribed and chosen texts. Their analysis of their two supplementary texts must be integrated with their prescribed text in order to maximise their marks.

Prose Fiction:

  • Haddon, Mark: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
  • Yolen, Jane: Briar Rose
  • Malouf, David: Fly Away Peter


  • Nowra, Louis: Cosi
  • Shakespeare, William: The Merchant of Venice


  • Owen, Wilfred: War Poems and Others
    • The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
    • Anthem for Doomed Youth
    • Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori
    • Futulity
    • Disabled
    • Mental Cases
  • Wright, Judith: Collected Poems 1942-1945
    • South of my Days
    • Train Journey
    • Flame Tree in a Quarry
    • For Precision
    • Request for a Year
    • Platypus

Non-Fiction or Film:

  • Krakauer, Jon: Into the Wild
  • Weir, Peter: Witness

Module C: Texts and Society

This module requires students to explore and analyse texts used in a specific situation. It assists students’ understanding of the ways that texts communicate information, ideas, bodies of knowledge, attitudes and belief systems in ways particular to specific areas of society.

Elective 1: Texts and Society

This elective looks at communities and the individual in a global context. Through examining the positive and negative aspects of the global village, students investigate changing attitudes, values and beliefs. The global village has impacted the way in which individuals communicate, engage and interact with one another, as explored through varied uses of media and technology.

Prose Fiction:

  • Koch, Christopher: The Year of Living Dangerously
  • Yolen, Jane: Briar Rose
  • Malouf, David: Fly Away Peter

Film or Multimedia:

  • Sitch, Rob: The Castle
  • Wikimedia: Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia

Elective 2: Into the World

This elective explores aspects of growing up and life transitions into new worlds. Students study texts that illustrate varied pathways to personal experience, allowing for growth and changing identity.

Prose Fiction:

  • Burke, J C: The Story of Tom Brennan


  • Russell, Willy: Educating Rita


  • Blake, William: Songs of Innocence and Experience
    • The Echoing Green
    • The Lamb
    • The Chimney Sweeper
    • The Sick Rose
    • The Tyger
    • London
  • Watson, Ken: At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners
  • As a group
    • Bhatt, Sujata: The One Who Goes Away
    • Duffy, Carol Ann: Head of English
    • Mudrooroo, Nyoongah: The Ultimate Demonstration
    • Pilinszky, Janos: The French Prisoner
    • Holub, Miroslav: Brief Reflection on Test-Tubes
    • Rozenicz, Tadeusz: The Survivor

Non-Fiction or Film:

  • Pung, Alice: Unpolished Gem
  • Stephen, Daldry: Billy Elliot

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