3D Story Workshops

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Rather than fight them, requisition their skills. Prove their knowledge, by having your students apply it in a practical and job benefiting solution!

These workshops are designed to teach students the basics of game design (no computing coding required). With the aid of various mentors - trained in IT AND English - students will be encouraged to create their own basic story based game using Unreal Engine 4 (Creator of games they may already be familiar with: Minecraft, Fortnite, etc)

These workshops are suitable for students from Year 7 and up. No previous experience is required, just a passion for software, gaming, and design.

Students will need to be enrolled for a 8 Week Course (of course that can be in a time they would normally be spending on gaming anyway?)

These workshops have been created to encourage students who are passionate about gaming, but may be struggling to perform at school. These fun and interactive workshops will teach them real-world applications of the abstract concepts taught at school, and hopefully inspire them to excel academically.

Best of all these 3D Story Workshops are part of the NSW Creative Kids program. So click on the link to receive a $100 rebate for this course. 









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