HSC Pre-Trial Practice Exams

Practise Makes Perfect!

Think you know all there is to know? Ready for your Trials? Or are you feeling stuck in a rut? Find out how your HSC preparations are really going by doing one (or more) of our Practice Exams!

Smart Moves has been preparing local students for all aspects of the HSC for over a decade, and our Practice Exams have been second to none – this year will be no different.

Come and test your exam techniques and subject knowledge with us during the July Holidays. We will be opening our doors for students to sit any exam of their choice (from the list below) at 1pm on Monday 9 July to Friday 13 July; AND Monday 16 July to Friday 20 July.

NOTE: Year 11 students, prepare now; preview the 'road ahead'.

What We Are Offering

* The chance to sit a pre-prepared exam under exam conditions – supervised by one of our trusty staff;
* Have your exam marked, by the person who wrote the exam, and returned in a timely manner;
* The opportunity to go through your results with one of our experienced tutors (or your regular tutor);
* And most importantly – to acquire a benchmark for your current exam preparations and the chance to IMPROVE before you do your Trials!

Pre-Trial Exams Available

* English Paper 1 (Please note this is the same test for both Standard and Advanced students)
* Standard English Paper 2
* Advanced English Paper 2
* Biology
* Chemistry
* General Mathematics
* 2 Unit Mathematics
* Extension Mathematics
* Modern History


It is $110 for the first exam. (includes materials)

If you would like to test yourself on more than one subject, each extra exam will only cost you $60.

What You Need To Do

Talk to our receptionist on (02) 9416 4222 for more information and/or to confirm a place at our "HSC Practice Exams" below.


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