HSC Practice Exams

Practice Makes Perfect!

Trials are over, but the journey continues! Make sure you finish on a high note. Complement your studies with more PRACTICE! Join us in the October Holidays for more Practice Exams. We will be opening our doors, Monday to Friday, between 2 October and 8 October to students who would like to make that final push towards excellence.

Year 11's, get ahead with your HSC preparations by taking a peek at the end of the book! Get the benefit of foresight and plan for a successful 2019.

What We Are Offering

* The chance to sit a pre-prepared exam under exam conditions – supervised by one of our trusty staff;
* Have your exam marked, by the person who wrote the exam, and returned in a timely manner;
* The opportunity to go through your results with one of our experienced tutors (or your regular tutor);
* And most importantly – to acquire a benchmark for your current exam preparations and the chance to IMPROVE before you sit your own HSC!

Practice Exams Available

* English Paper 1 (Please note this is the same test for both Standard and Advanced students)
* Standard English Paper 2
* Advanced English Paper 2
* General Mathematics
* 2 Unit Mathematics
* Extension Mathematics
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Biology
* Modern History
* Business Studies and
* Legal Studies
NB: This list is subject to change


$110 for the first exam; and $60 for any extra exam on top for the first.

What You Need To Do

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