Primary Group Tutoring

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Upgrade Your Maths or Writing Skills!!

For Primary and Junior High School Students

What's on Offer?

* Small groups will be taught by a qualified teacher or specialised tutor
* Students' skills and abilities will be assessed at the beginning and end of each term
* Small groups involving collaborative learning
* Small groups involving interactive learning (i.e. peer marking)


$400 per student for 10 Lessons (minimum of 2 per group, Maths and English are separate courses)

What Next?

Call our receptionist on (02) 9416 4222 for more information and/or book a place using the form below.


Why Group Tutoring

For the last 13+ years, we have touted the benefits of one-on-one tutoring, and its ability to cater to the specific needs of each individual student. We believe it allows for deeper focus, and provides a safe environment away from peer pressure, where questions are encouraged, and answers provided. "There are no wrong answers just not the right answer YET...".

With this experience behind us, we have come to the knowledge that some individuals work best in a small group environment. It provides students with the opportunity to bounce around ideas, and to give peer-to-peer encouragement. We believe that this is not a deviation from our basic philosophy of flexibility and tailoring our tutoring style to our students’ needs.

FAQ - Private Group Tutoring

1What if my child misses a session?
If your child has missed a session, they are welcome to attend another session on another day
2What if the teacher is sick?
Just like a normal school, a substitute teacher will take the lesson.
3Can I start mid-Term?
You can join the current sessions up to Week 5, but no later. This is to ensure minimum disruption to the learning of the current group of students.

3D Software Workshops

Is your child interested in computer games? Want them to learn some real world applications of English and Maths? Ask about our 3D Software Workshops.

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