Questions in a test are designed to distribute student results snugly around a bell curve. To differentiate yourself from the "norm" you will need to tackle that "last question". Creativity is a key component of problem solving. At Smart Moves we strongly encourage "Creativity" in all aspects of the student's lifestyle and our tutors actively lead by example.


All the "adult" people involved in a student's career - from school to home, will always push the good student to do better. At Smart Moves, we believe that is just not enough! Students must also be drawn into their subjects - ideally using a source of inspiration. That's why we pick the right tutor for you - someone who can not only teach but infect the student with their own success and influence.

Critical Thinking

Students must develop their own critical thinking skills. At Smart Moves, as part of the one-on-one process, we continuously engage and develop their critical thinking skills. This allows them to not only survive, but excel, in a testing environment.


Mentors have experience. Evolution's of the HSC, highlights relevance and guidance in navigating the current syllabus and rubric. If you could go back in time, what changes and decisions would you make? We find the benefit of hindsight an influencing factor in helping this next generation of student.

Hear from our Friends and Family

  • As soon as I began with Smart Moves Tutoring, I instantly felt more confident, as if this would give me an edge over other students, and it certainly paid off.
    University Student
  • 99.1 (7th in state for Ancient History!)
    Chatswood High
  • Thank you so incredibly much for all the help that you gave me this past year. I received my ATAR, which to me is an absolute miracle! In maths I got an 84%, a mark that is probably the best I have received all year and I know that your guidance was key in achieving this result. I shall never forget the help that I was given from Smart Moves, my confidence in my work and myself has improved so much.
  • Top of school in Information Processes and Technology. Thank you for your help over the past few years with Alec… The past 12 months has seen Alec improve greatly and his ranking jumped about 65 places within the school... His studies improved greatly and we are very proud of his results with his HSC mark.
    Alec's Mum
  • I am very happy with my results in my HSC and am extremely happy that I took tutoring sessions with you over the last year. I thank you greatly for helping me to significantly improve my overall ability in English.
    Barker HS
  • 94% in Standard English. First at Shore “Stoked... Couldn't have done it without Smart Moves.”
  • I would like to thank Smart Moves (particularly Rowan) for his help in English Advanced over the past two years. I ended up scoring 96 in English Advanced - something I would not have dreamed possible prior to joining you. This result, along with my marks in Chemistry (94), Biology (94), Maths Extension 1 (94), Maths Extension 2 (94), and Legal Studies (94) helped me attain an ATAR of 99.80 which I am stoked about! This has allowed me entry into the Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)/Law at the University of Sydney - again, something that wouldn't have been possible without Smart Moves!
    Killara High School
  • Fabulous result, ATAR over 90, band 5 and 6 results for all subjects. In addition, nominated and selected for “Art Express” for Visual Arts and Nominated for “Encore” for Music 1. Nick is looking to study at Macquarie Uni, he has an early entry offer to BA media, although is also looking at other options given his results. Thank you to Smart Moves staff for assisting Nick during his HSC studies!
    Proud Mum of Nick

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